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The honor and responsibility to continue supporting our service men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces is a delight to Christina Silva. Christina, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Meritorious Mast recipient, is currently serving as a CA BRE Real Estate Broker #01260394 is Saving Homes and Saving Lives Worlwide. Christina Silva is partnering with helping agencies and is a proud Board Member of several Veteran Service Organizations concentrated on encouraging fellow veterans to seek higher education and total wellness for themselves and their families by utilizing their VA Home Loan Eligibility and Post 911:Vocational Rehabilitation/CA VA College fee Waiver earned benefits. This year, Christina is honored to serve a Resiliency Training Assistant and Military Motorcycle Safety Advocate. Christina has been appointed as the Veterans Chair of the California Advisory Council On Military Education (CA ACME), California Latino Leadership Academy, Team Ten Veteran Fellow of the first inaugural class of 2015, DAV National Deputy Chief of Staff, Los Angeles Chapter 5 Junior Vice and Service Officer, Member of Amvets Post 2, Member of the American Legion, Hollywood Post 43, HAM Radio Committee & VFTLA Member, Volunteer Editor of the Los Angeles Air Force Base, Retiree Activities Office Newsletter, and volunteer at Bob Hope USO at LAX. CRS demonstrates Clean Riding Style as a role model and mentor to Women in Business, minority, underserved and underrepresented veterans, budding entrepreneurs and promotes Disabled American Veteran Small Business as a certified Federal and State Contract Consultant. Spiritual Resiliency is very dear to Christina and Faith is the power behind her speech entitled “ME” A Motivation and Empowerment Journey. Chirsitna produces military special events that "Give Back In the Way of Safety and Education". Christina promotes an active lifestyle, family wellness and is passionate about creating entertaining therapy for the soul, an exhibition of Clean Riding Style for all to "Bee Safe".

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