Welcome to Family Hair Care, Stylique and Nail Salons, the one-stop-shop that our military families visit to keep their haircare and personal hygiene in tip-top shape with Avant Williams professional stylists.  US Army Soldier, husband, father and veteran-owned businessman,



Avant Williams MG is still serving his Country and fellow military comrades as he gives back whole heartedly from Augusta, Georgia in the health and beauty industry.  Avant Williams serves as a wellness service provider inside the base exchange malls nationwide with premiere salons in CA at Los Angeles, GA, CO, SD, TX, AZ and FL.  At the Family Hair Care Salons, there are a range of services  provided to men, women and children on a regular basis while they may enjoy lunch, retail shopping and entertainment in the Exchange Mall.  Some base exchanges even  feature nail spas and a Stylique Boutique Salons with an environment that caters to the new wave of stylish cuts and spa treatments for men and women, children and seniors alike!

It is always a routine to shop on base at the “BX and Commissary” to save  and to take care of the whole needs of the family in a day!  With online shopping becoming even more popular to save time in our busy military schedules, we enjoy the experience of shopping at our fingertips, via our smart phones, laptops, tablets and home computers and this does minimize important social skills we need to exercise with vital interaction, face-to-face and peer-to-peer contact. Avant Williams salons serve the military community well and feature the staple  environment we expect during our haircut appointments with a twist of modern day services and an atmosphere that is irreplacableby computers in the health and wellness industry.  Avant Williams comments, “getting a hair cut is similar to a therapy appointment” and a haircut and beauty appointment is one that still occurs with “human presence and a caring touch”.  In this new technology and social media age, the health and beauty industry is booming with ever changing techniques and safety and awareness conversations.  One appreciates their own hair style as an inward and outward expression and statement which is just the beginning of the image and style we want to portray from our uniformed dress to our civilian wear a.k.a. our Camies 2 Civies.  Visit www.Camies2Civies.com to discover your next fashion trend and Creative Resiliency Solution. Avant Williams Family Hair Care Avant Williams clientele count on stylists and barbers they can trust with their precious locks, flat-top fade and extensions.  Now, even braids and plaits are acceptable styles the military regulations allow.  Did you know straight shaving techniques may be old news soon in the barbering world?  Learn more about haircare, health and beauty tips at Avant Williams and for the half hour of receiving the “high and tight, regulation haircuts to the retiree and dependents latest wet-set styles, Family Hair Care sessions act also as a social time to connect with our neighbors, fellow service men and women, their dependents and children and most of all to communicate, chat about our lives and remain encourage on duty as we return on a rotation to keep ourselves well-groomed.  o

Remember to join in a conversation next time with your barber and stop to remember the freedom we have to choose our own style when we arrive to get the next haircut in America.  Also, the long hours our health and beauty professionals work to make us feel and look good.

christinaLet’s remember everyone deployed and the cost of living in other places around the world too and be grateful for the experiences we share in the chair!  The next time you stop in to Family Hair Care to have your personal hygiene appointment reflect on the best look you want to rock and discover your Clean Riding Style in and out of uniform.  Consider the value of the Family Hair Care experience from a new perspective and be mindful of those who are Still Serving this holiday season with us.  When is the last time you thought to thank your barber and hair stylist for trustworthy communication and the bonding moments you may have shared for the first time and over the years? Spruce up your outfit with a bow tie or a pair of red pumps.

img_0571Quite priceless half hours we all spend in the beauty shop and barber chairs every week, every two weeks and at least once-a-month at the Family Hair Care Salon, right?  Tune in to the exclusive interview with @CRSOnAir and @AvantWilliamsMG on www.LATalkRadio.com/content/Christina-Silva-Show brought to you in part by MixedChicks.net www.Webster.edu/LAAFB and State Farm Jimmy Ramirez for all to #BeeSafe

Every Day is Happy Veterans Day #EducatingOurVeterans is a community responsibility.

If you have served in the military, you have earned benefits.  For more information visit:  http://www.Ebenefits.VA.gov and reach out to #CRS for help in obtaining the fulfillment of your higher education, employments, health and housing benefits with Christina R. Silva, Federal Contract Broker #01260394, 5GTU1, CRS Investments, CRS Productions.  Semper Fidelis


The honor and responsibility to continue supporting our service men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces is a delight to Christina Silva. Christina, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Meritorious Mast recipient, is currently serving as a CA BRE Real Estate Broker #01260394 is Saving Homes and Saving Lives Worlwide. Christina Silva is partnering with helping agencies and is a proud Board Member of several Veteran Service Organizations concentrated on encouraging fellow veterans to seek higher education and total wellness for themselves and their families by utilizing their VA Home Loan Eligibility and Post 911:Vocational Rehabilitation/CA VA College fee Waiver earned benefits. This year, Christina is honored to serve a Resiliency Training Assistant and Military Motorcycle Safety Advocate. Christina has been appointed as the Veterans Chair of the California Advisory Council On Military Education (CA ACME), California Latino Leadership Academy, Team Ten Veteran Fellow of the first inaugural class of 2015, DAV National Deputy Chief of Staff, Los Angeles Chapter 5 Junior Vice and Service Officer, Member of Amvets Post 2, Member of the American Legion, Hollywood Post 43, HAM Radio Committee & VFTLA Member, Volunteer Editor of the Los Angeles Air Force Base, Retiree Activities Office Newsletter, and volunteer at Bob Hope USO at LAX. CRS demonstrates Clean Riding Style as a role model and mentor to Women in Business, minority, underserved and underrepresented veterans, budding entrepreneurs and promotes Disabled American Veteran Small Business as a certified Federal and State Contract Consultant. Spiritual Resiliency is very dear to Christina and Faith is the power behind her speech entitled “ME” A Motivation and Empowerment Journey. Chirsitna produces military special events that "Give Back In the Way of Safety and Education". Christina promotes an active lifestyle, family wellness and is passionate about creating entertaining therapy for the soul, an exhibition of Clean Riding Style for all to "Bee Safe".

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