Educating Our Voters

“Educating Our Voters perpetuates Hope, Inspiration, Freedom, Democracy, and Restored Power to the People.” CRS

“Fellow AMERICANS, Be Motivated, Empowered, and Listen LIVE as we are Educating Our Voters in our communities worldwide about the power of casting your votes to make a sensible change in the digital age because we will learn to properly dissect and discern impacts of the Yes versus No Votes from our smartphones.” CRS

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Tune in live and interact with us @CRSOnAir each day to stay informed through social media, face-to-face and human contact.   Review and renew your mind about global states of addresses past and those to come as we are in a current period of the next Presidential Campaign. Be alarmed, ready, resilient, and engaged in your community and responsibility to vote to enjoy the freedoms we still can through active reflections since Inauguration Day 2017.  Now is the time to get educated about what not voting and exercising your vote actually means knowing that your vote is a Community Responsibility now* Get involved online, in person, and at local community awareness events with your Host Christina Silva, United States Marine Corps Veteran, CA Real Estate Broker #01260394, Notary, and Federal and State Certified, Veteran and Female Minority Owned, SB, DVBE, ESBE, WOSB, MBE, WBE Contractor Supplier #1769934.  CRS understands how to include and recognize the community as a disadvantaged parent and self-employed professional the past 26 years.  As the compassionate, patriotic, and community services consultant that cares about Saving Homes and Saving Lives with higher education about what we can do to live our best quality lives, Christina produces the Educating Our Veterans Live podcast from all over the globe amongst our “regular people” and from a “regular perspective” bringing palatable, easy to interpret understanding about rights, bills, resolutions and legislature to the forefront via the broadcast.  Educating Our Veterans and Votes ensures we honor service men and women, first responders, law enforcement, and our legislative leaders that are responsible to uphold and honore their committment to work diligently for the people’s best interest in our worldly system and to lawfully uplift and modify our current situations in every realm of our government. We are one people in the community and each perspective about necessary governmental changes for the better and the greater good can be harmoniously compromised to bring equilibrium to ur world. But it takes a concerted effort and consistent education to global happenings while knowing how to properly dissect what is being presented as a legislative implementation.  Be enlightened and inspired to take local action and to make voting a part of our normal conversation instead of the worst forbidden dinner topic.  Let’s get excited about what greatness we can have through a voice that grows with each decision to take our right and privilege to vote seriously.  This small conscious allowance can shed light and positivity instantly to our world that is constantly being divided  by so much news on the airwaves and social platforms and for this we are knowing there is still hope through the great truth excerpt from the official motto of the United States of America that exclaims:  “In God We Trust”. (   The Christina Silva show featuring experts, candidates, current US Government and Department Officials alongside the military, veterans, underrepresented community voices and our neighbors as we discuss the formal and informal matters we face in this day and age. @2pm on Wednesdays and via

*Powerful Voices of the People Make Change – CRS*