Educating Our Veterans is the key to Saving Homes and Saving Lives of the millions of Men and Women Who Have Served our Great Nation; just by sharing our life experience and testimony. Once transitioning out of our military uniforms into corporate attire,, the whole world becomes responsible for Educating Our Veterans.  Passing the baton of shared knowledge is powerful enough to truly save lives.   Sometimes a single affirmation and push of hope to a fellow comrade or person is all we need to discover how to safely transition in our lives. Our families and our core values from a military lifestyle play a huge role in the successful transformation into civilian lifestyle.

The Clean Riding Syle ethic and mission for Christina Silva is to serve as an open book utilizing her own life story of travail, triumph and true success in the role as an able-bodied, US Marine Corps Veteranthroughout the transformation after service as a Disabled American Veteran, single mother and now role model of New Americanism on air printing Resiliency and advocating for redemption of earned benefits and higher education for all to Bee Safe.

Educating Our Veterans Feb 2016 hosted by CRS featuring Chief Bryan Blue, USAF Retired shares the importance of resilience before, during, and after military service.

Clean Riding Style is not only a demonstration of physical, mental, social, and spiritual excellence, it is a contagious attitude and an ethic of sportsmanship, of spreading the responsibility of community of voluntarism to help and empower others and a remembrance on the road to “Bee Safe” by sharing our own life experiences in social settings and while riding to have fun with an active family lifestyle  concerned with holistic health, housing, employment and education resources we need in our lives while we decompress in the wind! Whew!

CA BRE #01260394

CA BRE #01260394

That is a lot to orchestrate on a daily basis to continue Educating Our Veterans and Saving Homes and Saving Lives with CRS!  Have you decided to use your military benefits, do you want to buy a home with your VA Home Loan Eligibility? Contact CRS, Broker #01260394 and visit:

CRS HELMET TALK TIP #1 – Always look for the distracted driver, the texters, the makeup artists, the foodies, the moms with babies on board and the eighteen wheelers plus your fellow motorcycling comrades and

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Semper Fidelis to all my fellow Rough Riders and Marines! Take advantage of the Promotion Concierge Code: CRS and join all new $29 Membership Club with Christina Silva as your Military Ambassador Concierge.  Memberships Available at the Base Exchange. Ask for CRS (562) 254-5420 for more information on how to ride, how to relax and decompress and how to conduct you very own TCLOCKS inspection to ensure your wheeled vehicles are in order.  Also coming soon will be with revolutionary and eco-friendly electric travel.  Join the movement with CRS brought to you by caring sponsors interested in supporting the troops,, http://www.Webster.edu, and


We Remember Everyone Deployed and May God Bless America, Peace Out, CRS Drops Mic.

Be Encouraged by CRS because Resiliency is Learned.10478692_10209411707916050_141987489107221562_n

We Transform, Adapt & Overcome from C2C in our

During critical times, we must Count it all joy and remember to have gratitude, faith and to watch for signs in others whereby we may entertain Angels unawares, a comrade in need, a triumph may occur or even trauma.  Make yourself available to motivate others and to be an ear when you yourself may need a hand up or someone to talk to, phone a friend.  Reach out for help and swallow pride so that you can learn how to serve others which in turn breeds Resiliency.  Love, CRS  P.S. Each month, we have themes to follow so we can be aware of what the whole world is being mindful of.  22 lives are lost and California is home to 1.9 million veterans many of whom ride motorcycles and enjoy firing their personal handguns for a past time and for public and private sector security awareness.  Consult the experts and stay trained.  Keep yourself informed and call the experts!  We are here to help you with private lessons, weekend getaways and cyclic TRAINING, we want to have fun while be cognizant of the many dangers that are all around us.  Take a look at the video information and call CRS if you, your company, your colleagues and fellow small and veteran business owners can benefit from these helping agency services.  Code:  CRS to Bee Safe! & NEWOTTT is the easy way to coordinate, plan and execute your weekend filled with leisure, self defense, riding tours and excursions that certify you with your very own featuring military discounts, military certfication courses and military appreciation year round.  Thanks to CRS Community Affiliates and partners and sponsors and the experts at:



Tickets, tours, lessons, memberships and retail services are a licensed and authorized Federal Contract set of services by CRS Investments CA BRE #01260394 and CRS Productions GSA 5GTU1, a Small Woman Owned, Veteran, Minority, Disadvantaged Business.  Thank you for supporting our great cause and Nation. No Federal Endorsement Intended Nor Implied.


The honor and responsibility to continue supporting our service men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces is a delight to Christina Silva. Christina, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Meritorious Mast recipient, is currently serving as a CA BRE Real Estate Broker #01260394 is Saving Homes and Saving Lives Worlwide. Christina Silva is partnering with helping agencies and is a proud Board Member of several Veteran Service Organizations concentrated on encouraging fellow veterans to seek higher education and total wellness for themselves and their families by utilizing their VA Home Loan Eligibility and Post 911:Vocational Rehabilitation/CA VA College fee Waiver earned benefits. This year, Christina is honored to serve a Resiliency Training Assistant and Military Motorcycle Safety Advocate. Christina has been appointed as the Veterans Chair of the California Advisory Council On Military Education (CA ACME), California Latino Leadership Academy, Team Ten Veteran Fellow of the first inaugural class of 2015, DAV National Deputy Chief of Staff, Los Angeles Chapter 5 Junior Vice and Service Officer, Member of Amvets Post 2, Member of the American Legion, Hollywood Post 43, HAM Radio Committee & VFTLA Member, Volunteer Editor of the Los Angeles Air Force Base, Retiree Activities Office Newsletter, and volunteer at Bob Hope USO at LAX. CRS demonstrates Clean Riding Style as a role model and mentor to Women in Business, minority, underserved and underrepresented veterans, budding entrepreneurs and promotes Disabled American Veteran Small Business as a certified Federal and State Contract Consultant. Spiritual Resiliency is very dear to Christina and Faith is the power behind her speech entitled “ME” A Motivation and Empowerment Journey. Chirsitna produces military special events that "Give Back In the Way of Safety and Education". Christina promotes an active lifestyle, family wellness and is passionate about creating entertaining therapy for the soul, an exhibition of Clean Riding Style for all to "Bee Safe".

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